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10. Januar 2010

Songs of the day: (because of the lyrics. You know)

I remember all the things she did before
I remember all the times she cried
I remember all the things you promised her
I know it hurt,
I remember all the times you lied
Don’t meddle with her heart, meddle with her mind
Meddle with the things that are inside
You don’t know what you’ll find
You don’t know what she hides
(Little Boots_Meddle)
I know you better than this
I could be here when you call
I’ll make you top of the list
And in the crush of the dark
I’ll be your light in the mist
I can see you burning with desire
For a kiss
Psychobabble all upon your lips
(La Roux_Tigerlily)

but also:
Florence & the machine_Rabbit heart & _Dog Days

Ein bisschen müde von den letzten Tagen, dennoch voller Tatendrang. Es geht mir gut. Ich fühl mich lebendig und angekommen. I hope this will last forever.

Words of the Day:
I can see you burning with desire for a kiss.

Last week was nearly fantastic. I had a great time, with great people. I’ve learned something.
Sometimes you just have to leave everything behind yourself, have courage, and admit things that are contrary to all reason. Then you’re free and you can be yourself, you can do what you want and you can be happy. Dont ask questions, dont think about anything. Have fun and a good time. You need these moments of freedom, thoughtlessness, and serenity. Living.

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